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Acne, eternal problem of beauty skin

Acne has a significant psychological impact on people suffering from this disease, for more that 56% of people affected by acne, skin imperfections is the main source of physical complexes.

In a scientific study published in British Journal of Dermatology, has been shown that the psychological impact of acne is comparable to that one caused by chronically diseases such as asthma, diabetes, arthritis and even epilepsy. Acne is the main reason to consult a dermatologist, 1 of 4 patients of the dermatology cabinets suffer from this disease.

Comedones, Pimples, Inflammation

Acne can take various forms, from open or closed comedones (retention lesions) to pimples and painful inflammation (inflammatory lesions). In all three events we meet an excessive production of sebum. Comedones appear as a result of pore blocking, of the dead skin cells that are accumulate on the skin surface. At this moment, sebum is accumulated in the pores and cause the development of Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria that favor the occurrence of the painful inflammation (pimples). A recent study shows that over 59% of patients with acne have a mixed form of acne (inflammatory acne + retention acne).

Over 85% of teens have acne

Adolescents are the segment of population most affected by acne, more that 85% of teenagers aged between 11 and 18 years old, have acne, they represent 70% of the patients that consult a dermatologist. In addition for teens, those two specific types of acne lesions co-exist causing what dermatologists call mixed acne.

Only 20% of patients finish their anti-acne treatment

Treatment for mixed acne is very complex because is required to combine two different products with local application: one for retention lesions and one for inflammatory lesions. The treatment regimen is complex and therefore there is a risk if it will not be followed strictly. For most teenager patients, it is difficult to follow two different treatments. Only 20% of patients follow the correct prescribed acne home treatment.

Active ingredients in acne treatments

Niacinamide is a biologically active form of vitamin B3 to reduce inflammatory symptoms and neutralize irritants, reducing the evolution of the eruption. Piroctone olamineis an active ingredient known for having powerful action against Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria (aggravating factor in the evolution of acne).Also, this ingredient is a very effective antifungal treatment against Pityrosporum ovale, bacteria.

LHA (beta-lipohydroxy acid) is an effective micro-exfoliating ingredient that eliminates dead skin cells accumulated on the skin and also clean pores very deep.

Linoleic Acid is a natural component of sebum. People with acne have a lack of linoleic acid up to 35%. There is a direct relationship between lack of linoleic acid inside the body and abnormal keratinization of the pilo-sebaceous canal.

Because skin is a fragile and prone to redness imperfections, active ingredients are combined with soothing thermal water and anti-irritant.

Natural acne solution

Clear Skin MAX is an acne home treatment that correct imperfections, also purifying and treating mixed acne. As a result of complex dermatological studies, Clear Skin MAX was designed to act simultaneously against two symptoms of the acne in the same time: severe skin imperfections (pimples) and pores blocked by sebum (comedones). In only 4 weeks of using Clear Skin MAX, the number of imperfections is diminishing same thing is happened with production of sebum, pores are closing and skin becomes cleaner.

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