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Adult acne is more common than you think. We know because we cure it for many adults!

Adult Acne Solutions

Causes and Cures of Adult Acne

Generally acne is a teenage problem but may reappear in adult life. Adult acne can be caused by: stress, hormone imbalance and hormones from birth control pills for women, excessive sweating, genetics and poor quality of the make up.

If the birth control pills causes your acne, then change them to a different one and this could help, you have many other alternatives. Oil free cosmetics and non-acnegenic products, help keep the skin from breaking out. Ask your doctor how to treat hormone imbalance and also try to resolve your stress problems. Avoid very tight clothing made of materials like lycra and nylon if is possible, instead wear cotton clothing and generally clothes that allows skin to breath.

Blackheads are most common in adult acne. Blackheads in adult acne are caused by dead skin cells and sebum, this clogs the hair follicle and combined with bacteria (Propionibacterium Acnes) that is responsible for acne occurrence, leads to blackheads. The pimple is going to be black once it is exposed to the air. Whiteheads also called a closed comedone, are a accumulation of keratin and sebum that plugs the opening of the skin pore (pilosebaceous unit) and imbeds itself under the skin in the hair follicle and look like a raised, white bump.

Blackheads cam be removed with a very gentle facial exfoliating. Other methods to get rid of blackheads such as comedone extractors and adhesive strips, can leave permanent marks on the skin. Steaming the skin can open the pores and can remove the blackheads.

Adult acne is treated with same products as teenage acne and you can use to treat it an home remedy for acne. Clear Skin Max is one of the most efficient adult acne solutions, is a complete acne therapy system, all natural. Contrary to popular belief, cheese and chocolate does not cause acne.

In serious cases of adult acne that does not respond to ordinary treatments can be used one of the following adult acne solutions: azelaic acid, retinoids and antibiotics. Some birth control pills are highly effective at treating acne, as a last resort to treat acne you can also use Accutane, a highly concentrated form of Vitamin A, but no more of 5 months because can cause irreparable damage.

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