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There are many acne treatments, cheaper or expensive, with a higher effect or without any effect in acne treatment. Because of this many persons suffering from acne begin to use a home acne treatment that has a ratio efficiency/cost pretty good. Is very important that this acne treatment that work, more or less effective to improve the situation of your skin after you use it.

First of all an acne home treatment is starting with: a healthy nourishment (eating well), drink plenty of water, take vitamin supplements, do at least 20 minutes of physical exercises that will detoxify your body, the purpose of this steps is to complete and stimulate acne treatment, and to speed healing of it. If you follow these simple steps accompanied by a home acne treatment then will be much easier to get rid of pimples.

Natural ways to treat acne at home

In the following lines we will present you some acne solutions available to anyone, without having to spend too much. Of course this solution are used to treat acne in early stages, if the signs of acne on your face are more pronounced you should use an acne treatment more efficient:

  • Toothpaste reduces swelling caused by pimples. Way of using: Apply a thin layer, usually before you go to sleep to have enough time to work during the night, in the morning remove it by rising with water. You may see signs of improvement after few applications, the size of pimples will be reduced considerably. Also to reduce swelling caused by pimples you can use strawberry leaves.

  • Another home remedy for acne is the combinations of condiments consisting of salt and vinegar. Way of using: Mix equal amount of salt and vinegar and apply it over pimples. Leave this mixture to act for 10 to 20 minutes, then remove it with lukewarm water.

  • Cucumbers are used to hydrate and refresh the skin. Way of using: you can use it as a mask for 30 minutes per day. Cucumber also prevent acne and helps to prevent acne breakouts. As an alternative for cucumbers you can use fresh mint juice which is also applied to the skin.

  • Orange peel. Way of using: the orange peel is mashed or blended and if is necessary add some water until the mixture forms a paste then apply it direct to pimples.

  • Rose water and lemon juice. Way of using: the juice from one lemon is mixed with rose water until the mixture becomes a puree, then apply on the pimples and let it act for at least 30 minutes, then remove it with water. Repeating daily for a short period this process you will not only get rid of pimples and acne, but you will get rid of those unsightly blemishes found on the skin when you suffer from acne.

  • Turmenic powder mixed with mint juice. Way of using: Mix mint juice with turcmenic powder then apply it on the pimples and let it act for 30 minutes, then rinse with clean lukewarm water.

  • Garlic. Way of using: minced fresh garlic is applied directly on pimples. After several days in which will repeat the process you will see the disappearance of the pimples from your skin.

  • Milk is a very efficient home remedy for acne. Way of using: mixing milk with nutmeg will get a powerful treatment to get rid of pimples from your skin.

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