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How To Avoid Acne Problems?

While Acne is largely a genetic problem and it can be in many cases unavoidable, there are a lot of different ways we can treat your acne, stop existing acne from spreading and prevent further breakouts.

First important rule is, drink plenty of water. Water plumps and hydrates the skin; it also cleanses the body of all the waste products and toxins that can contribute to blemishes. You have probably noticed how someone who drinks a lot of water is likely to have much clearer glowing skin than someone who does not. Drink several glasses of water a day and see the difference.

Use a good but gentle face wash. It is important to determine your type of skin first, if you have a lot of spots your skin type is likely to be oily, if you have spots in some places but some dry skin in others, your skin is combination, If your skin is neither oily or dry, your skin type is normal and if your skin is very dry and sensitive and you never suffer from spots, your skin type is dry. People who suffer from acne generally have either oily or combination skin, although anyone can get the odd spot from time to time. Never use anything stringent or harsh on acne, this will only irritate and make the problem worse. Never over wash your face, twice a day is sufficient, washing more than twice a day could over-stimulate the oil glands (sebaceous glands) from your face, resulting in more acne breakouts.

Try Tea Tree Oil acne home treatment to get rid of pimples.

Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic and has great antibacterial properties, used for centuries as a home remedy to treat many ailments and is extremely good for treating pimples or to help prevent acne breakouts from forming. You can buy Tea Tree Oil in the form of face washes, bars of soap or even as a stick to be applied directly to the pimples. It has the tendency to be quite drying on the face so it is best to limit its use and never use it around the eyes.

Make sure when you are washing your face, do not use a towel to dry your face that you allready use it for cleaning anywhere else. The germs and bacteria on the towel could transfer to your face and promote more acne. Do not use a towel that is too rough, even if you have acne your skin can still be sensitive and rigorous rubbing of the towel on the face will not only irritate the skin but make it sore and could exacerbate acne symptoms.

As tempting as it is do not be tempted to squeeze your spots! Touching them not only spreads bacteria but squeezing them can and will leave to scarring, If you have particularly severe acne, you must seek medical help.The bacteria responsible for acne is Propionibacterium Acnes. Certain types of acne can leave permanent unsightly scars, you must treat it with the right medication to prevent this from occurring. Normal pimples will go away at their own accord without you having to do anything but they can be dried out by applying an over the counter spot cream.

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