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Is acne curable or controllable?

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Acne is most frequently occurring skin disorders that can affect all races of people, gender and ages. Most important question that all acne affected people ask is: "Can I successfully treat this problem or will I ever be able to get rid of acne completely?". The good news is that while acne is still considered "medical incurable", there are some good natural ways to "control acne permanently and completely". The following review focuses on different treatment options available for those who suffer from acne.

Medical Therapy

Depending of the type of acne that you suffer and in the same time of its severity, there are medications that may be prescribed by the dermatologist.

Some of this are :
  • - topical retionoids for treating comedones (blackheads). Retinoids have limited benefits in inflammatory lesions such as cystic acne and pustules.
  • - topical antimicrobials (based on benzoyl peroxide), this kind of medicine help to reduce acne bacteria identified as Propionibacterium Acnes. Provide good results in cases of mild acne (pimples and pustules) but can be irritating for the skin.
  • - Antibiotic therapy is generally done in severe acne treatment. Topical antibiotics (like Benzamycin and Cleocin-T ) are often hopeful for mild cases of acne. Oral antibiotics (like erythromycin and tetracycline) have been for years but have various side effects.


This is a solution only to get rid of acne scars. A laser can reshape the scar tissue and reduce the redness. Dermabrasion is a surgery specific for surface scars, but can reduce the depth of deep scars. Another option is to transfer fat from an other part of your body to the face. For lasting results you need to repeat this treatment several times.

Can severe acne, be treated?

For severe acne that do not respond to OTCs (Over the counter) or natural treatments, you should consult a dermatologist, to find best treatment.

All in all, while it is true that acne have no medical cure available until today. There are plenty of other options to treat acne, this options are rapidly emerging in the market with promising results. If you want to try one of this options, please read all my articles about acne, to be prepared to do your own research to find the product that suits you best. You can learn a lot of new things about acne, things that is possible not to be known before, things that help you to understand better what is happening, what happens to your skin, enrich your knowledge about acne and help you to prevent it and treat it better than before. As a recommendation, I would use Clear Skin Max, to treat my acne problems. It is all natural, with clinically proven results.

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