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What causes Pimples?

There are any factors that causes pimples/acne and it varies in its severity. I would like to mention the most important of them: side effects of certain medications, allergies and stress. Acne may be short-lived, can take few months, or can last several years, all depends on your time to react against it. Is very important to act at the firsts signs of acne, because is better to prevent acne than to treat acne.

Acne can be irritate or flare up from many external factors, but pimples are caused only when hair follicle from your pores is getting blocked and sebaceous glands produces sebum in excess. That sebum (oil) become inflamed and ultimately lead to pimples.

Acne is a result of the following things:

  • - Propionibacterium Acnes - this is the bacteria that produce acne. When the bacteria accumulates in sebaceous glands occur pimples.
  • - When dead skin cells remain blocked inside the pores.
  • - Sebaceous glands become overactive and produce to much sebum, due to hormone fluctuation. This problem usually occurs during puberty, but can occur in other cases.
  • - Using oily make up, greasy foundation and overly thick moisturizers.

Sebaceous glands gets clogged when sebum cannot leave the open pore so turns into a obstruction. The whitehead is formed when skin around the pores get swell and is formed a white plug of dead skin cells. The blackhead occurs when the plug does not fully close and the pores get a black appearance.

Pimples can become infected when the whiteheads breaks under skin's top layer and allows to bacteria (Propionibacterium Acnes), sebum and dead skin cells to seep into the surrounding tissue. If this outbreak, acne spreads and become more severe and is likely to develop in an acne cystic infection, which is very large, unsightly and painful red bumps. After curing acne cysts is very likely to remain with permanent scars. A prompt treatment can minimize the possibility of acne scars. Is very important to remember that more than 80 % of world people suffer from acne at least once in their life. If you already suffer from acne and you use a treatment, and if it shows up again will be a lot less severe. So do not expect the transform from your Acne Vulgaris (normal acne, the most common in the world) in dangerous cystic acne (that could have serious repercussions on the aesthetics of your skin, meaning scars) and use an acne treatment at the first signs of acne.

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