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What makes Acne Worse?

Top 5 risk factors

Acne affects us more emotionally than physically except acne scars, because creates complexes with the unsightly blemishes from the skin. Our face define us like individuals, creates impression about us, about what kind of person we are. Acne can directly affect self-image, imagine what impression is producing, a person who has a sloppy face.

1.) Hormones Androgenic hormones are the main cause of acne, they block the pores and increase sebum production. Blockage of pores lead to blackheads or whiteheads, a result of unlikely acne, because insides the pores remain: the excess of sebum, skin dead cells and acne bacteria who starts to inflame in red pumps or zits (papules, pustules), sometimes they grow in large sacs, causing large red lumps (nodules).

2.) Scrubbing If you use abrasive soap or you rub too much your skin, the walls of pores may break and create more pimples. Squeezing or popping acne (whiteheads or blackheads) causes permanent scars. Don't wash your face more than 2-3 times a day, because can dry your skin and make sebaceous glands to work harder (produce more sebum).

3.) Certain foods Foods like chocolate, sweets, colas and fried foods do not make acne worse. Only milk products may worse acne but only in isolated cases, just for some patients.

4.) Certain make-up and hair care products Some types of makeup clog pores so don't use it, use only water based or oil free makeup. Avoid oil based moisturizer and cocoa butter, they are not just skin-friendly. It is also valid for makeup remover don't use a greasy one. Same thing is valid for hair too, don't use gel, hairspray and conditioners, they may bloke pores, causing acne.

5.) Psychological/mental stress Stress and negative emotions can influence generation of the skin or can aggravate skin disorders. In addition, environmental toxicity can also aggravate acne.

To prevent acne is better to avoid all of this 5 risk factors, not to risk worsening your problem. Acne is better to prevent that to treat, treating acne is a long process which may take a while.

Acne cause a major physic trauma, general insecurity and feeling of inferiority, so follow this main rules to prevent it.

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